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About the Author

DC Eastman is my pen name. Although I love putting stories out and am proud of each one, I don't like being in the spotlight and fame would be my idea of hell. Nonetheless, regardless of my fake name, the rest of the stuff I publish about myself is authentic. 

I consider myself a citizen of the world and move around all the time. It's best just to check on social media where I'm at. I lived in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, South Africa, Taiwan, Qatar, and Nicaragua, and I also explored 60+ other countries. Currently, I'm residing in Switzerland. Apart from jumping between countries, I also enjoyed doing that with careers.

My career started in Civil Engineering, and from there, I went into the financial services arena. After completing an MBA and climbing the corporate ladder, I ejected, pulled the cord, and landed safely in my new career as a kindergarten teacher in Taiwan. Later, elementary school and high school, too.

For the last couple of years, I have earned my travel money through freelance writing… Anything from poetry to short stories, novels, content creation, copywriting, product descriptions, and greeting cards. For some gigs, I am myself, while for others, I'm a ghostwriter. It just depends on the occasion. 

If you want to learn more about my crazy life or want to have a little chuckle while perched on the porcelain throne, go check out my blog.

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